Round 5 Match Report

Hi Colts Family,

Paddington Colts V Enfield Federals, Sunday 13/5

Victory 26-12

It's always difficult to decide what to give our beloved mums/wives/partners on the most important day of the year, Mother’s Day. Fortunately this year the gift presented itself, in the form of a gritty game of rugby league at Burrows Park during a wet and windy Antarctic blast. Honestly, how good can it get?

There was nowhere to hide on or off the field, as the boys quickly realised that Enfield had turned up to play and were not going to shy away from the contest. In the early stages of the match, we looked dangerous whenever we shifted the ball wide, which produced points for our wingers. However, as the game progressed and conditions deteriorated, the match turned into a good old arm wrestle in the midfield, as we battled into a howling southerly and away from our try line.

As the second half commenced, we looked as though we were about to shift into top gear with the wind now at our backs. However, a few handling errors and a committed Enfield defence kept the scores at bay. Some determined running on the edges advanced our boys up the field and eventually over for a few hard-earned tries. In the end, it was a well-deserved victory, but I think it's fair to say that it wasn't our best performance of the season and the boys know they can play better. Happy to come away with the two points and put the performance down to the wet weather and the coach for reshuffling the team.

Special mention to Julian and Max O who made their debuts in the second half. Both boys made their presence felt with some outstanding tackling. Well done to both of you.

Finally, at this week’s training, we saw the introduction of 'Fun Facts with Max'. Max's first fun fact was that penguins are not considered birds. What an excellent fun fact to kick off with, but it was clear from the ensuing team discussion that there wasn't complete consensus on whether penguins are in fact birds or not. It certainly got me thinking... are they wings, flippers or fins? So Max, can you please clarify this fact at next week’s training so that as a team we can move on to your next fun fact.

We may not improve as footballers, but we’ll certainly improve our general knowledge.

See you on Sunday

Cheers, Jimmy Vesper
0449 262 475