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NRL Level 1 Sports Trainer Re-Accreditation with Vital First Aid Training Services

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NRL Tackle Safe Program

NRL Safety Code

The Safeplay Code was developed to emphasise safety and good conduct within the game of Rugby League by creating the best possible on-field environment and actively controlling undesirable actions. It applies to all players up to and including the Under 15 years age group.

NSW Rugby League

The Code applies to each category of person and entity of the NSWRL.

NSW JLA Playing in Higher Age Division Consent Form v 2.1

Course Dates: Coaching and Sport Trainer Courses

NRL Coaching Coordinator Role Description

NRL Safety Education Framework

Coaches Code of Conduct

Rugby League Code of Conduct

Injury Indemnity 2018

Injury Report Form

2018 Insurance Summary

Sports Injury Claim Form

Sports Injury Claim Form

Injury Indemnity

The following message appears on the confirmation of registration email received by each participant however as an added precaution I have attached the “Injury Indemnity” file which I highly recommend be distributed to parents and/or players and a signed copy be uploaded to leaguenet.

Injury Report Form

Please note an injury report form MUST be completed for ALL injuries and signed by the Level 1/2 Sports Trainer (or Medic) in attendance. The completed form will need to be retained by the individual Club and also scanned to me.

Junior Roosters Job Description - Head Coach

Junior Roosters Job Description - Assistant Coach

Junior Roosters Job Description - Team Manager

Junior Roosters Job Description - Sports Trainer

Paddington Colts Sports Club DentalFresh Form

Benefits of the program : 

  • The players are getting proper protection at a reduced outlay. We’re a rugby family in business, we want to see boys well protected during contact sport. Our mouthguards are premium fit and protection.

  • Health Fund rebate covers most if not all of the cost.

  • One stop for all your players, they’re coming to training anyway, so they don’t need to make a separate appointment with their dentist for a custom fit guard and then return for the pick up.

  • We are quick, we can fit 2 players in 5 minutes, so no time wasted, and the mouthguards are delivered back to the club within two weeks.

  • We are invited back every year. This program works – it sees your players properly protected - which is our goal as well as yours.

  • Our mouthguards are named and include a phone number to prevent against loss.

How it works?

  • We turn up an hour before training begins, on a day agreed on between both parties, to take impressions.

  • The players attend with a pre-filled form, or in many cases, fill a form on the spot prior to having impressions taken.

  • We work quickly, we can usually attend to two players in a five minute block. In most cases we can fit over braces

  • Mouthguards are returned to the club for distribution in around two weeks.

If you have questions please go to