A Paddington Colt is Born

Congratulations to our former halfback

Ryan Kor Ayshford, and his Beautiful wife Natalie. After all these years they have kept the famous Ayshford name in our club going with young Jordy Ayshford born 16/12/2016 

Mum and Bub are doing well

Ryan could also breast feed  


Jordy Ayshford  

Jordy Ayshford  

Big congratulations to Jackie and Dickie Colts legends of our club and of course  too our coach for life  

fellow life member one club man and proud new grandfather Dayle "Shun" Ayshford  

in his his immortal words

 "waise ya glasses pwease no Jose don't cwy again Bush get away from the Chicken, Piss off Justin, get away from me Fletch,"

and the legendary 

"Chips are what you eat and Bombs are what explode" 

the dynasty continues