Training Update

Dear Paddo Colts,

Please note today’s training at Robertson Rd has been cancelled due to the rain, the ground is closed. Please also note, this completes our summer training and we begin winter training as of next week Wednesday and Friday. At  ES Marks on Wednesday and on Friday at Centennial Park Synthetic field.

Please see attached training flyers.

Reminder winter training Wednesday at ES Marks 4:30-7:30pm and Friday Centennial Park Synthetic field 4:30-7:30pm.


Vale Steve Folkes

On behalf of the Paddington Colts JRLFC -

The Paddington  Colts club would like to send our sincerest condolences to the Folkes Family.

We also wish to respectfully acknowledge and honour Steven's contribution over his career to the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, and his service to greatest game of all. Steven as a player, coach, and mentor on and off the field demonstrated the true value of commitment, dedication, professionalism, and work ethic, ensuring the success of the team he represented as a player and coach.

Many Paddington Colts players, have gone on to represent the famous Canterbury club at all levels our most famous Jimmy Dymmock.

our thoughts love and prayers are with everyone in the Rugby league community  

Respect & Honour - Steven Folks

Paddo Colts JRLFC

Game Review Sunday 30th July - Paddington Colts U6s Green vs Bondi United White

Hi Colts Family,
What can I say - one of the most exciting games of the season! 13 tries each in our 2nd tied match for the year. (Coincidentally the 1st tied match was back in Round 7 against the same team with 12 tries apiece). Well Done Boys!!!!!  

Billy Walker - Billy scored an impressive 4 tries this week - his highest count to date. All round excellent tackling and defence, which he has shown consistently week after week. Our Player of the Match this week. I think you'll be able to shout the fam Maccas with that pile of awards you're amassing!

Cash  Parry - Another consistent effort from Cash, managing to score 3 tries and was again outstanding in defence. A confident player with steely determination...I'm scared just looking at you in case I get mowed over!

Koa Kelk - A little hesitation here and there, a twirl and a tapdance almost.....but Koa scores a try! Top effort with some good defence and group tackling.

Brock Dalley - After some impressive downhill skiing last week, Brock was back in his element on level ground following his team in tackling and putting in 100% with defence. The happiest boy you've ever seen when he has the ball, and  giving several good runs this week.

Leo Lynch - Leo our little no.6 was out this week with a tummy bug. Hope you are feeling better soon ready to run around with your mates next week.

E.T.  - Our fearless ET was again in his element running after the opposition with determination and speed. One of our first lines of defence saw ET chasing down the other team whenever the opportunity arose.  A fantastic try by ET evading the other team with ease!

Odin Goyoaga - After a pep talk from dad Odin was tackling anything wearing a United jersey this week. Scoring our first try of the match leaving the opposition choking on his dust...he added 3 more tries,either leaving United bumping into one another halfway down the field, or slipping through the cracks of the Whites! Hmmm playing one of his best games ever when dad's not there. Was that deliberate?? Haha hubby - YOU MISSED IT ALL!! Our Merit Award recipient this week.

Tane Goyoaga - Some great tackling from our little No.15...but mum doesn't like being ambushed 20+ times by jumping on her back ...but it's nice that little Rocky Walker wanted to practise similar skills on his mum, thankfully less enthusiastically. (Know any good physios Brigitta?) Not fussed too much on oranges this week and only one bag of chips today. Odd....Not your best effort son!!

Well done again boys...... Our games are getting better and better each week. Have a great weekend peeps - enjoy the 26 Deg C winter day!

Player of the Match - Billy

Merit Award - Odin

Yvonne Yee
Manager U6s
Paddington Colts

Nuts & Bolts News Season Update

Hi Colts Family Please see important
up coming dates below Includes
Eastern Conference U13s – U15s

Last Round 15 – Sunday August 6th

Semi Finals – Sunday August 13th

Finals – Sunday August 20th Grand Finals Leichhardt Oval – Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August

Still waiting confirmation of final dates for Combined U16, U17, U19 dates.

Vale our Great Clubman & Beautiful friend James Higgs

Our hearts are heavy today & filled with sadness the clubs flag is half mast as one our great clubman & dearest friends James "Jimmy Higgsy" Higgs sadly passed away this Morning.

our thoughts and love are with 

Wyn Trent Ben & Deb all of Jimmy's family 

details of Jims honouring will be posted  

Once a Colt always a Colt  

and Higgsy was a great Colt loved by all

your warmth smile humor and loyalty will be missed  


Colts Round 8 2017

Well done to all our players. It was a tough week this week with many games impacted by the weather but it didn't stop the Colts spirit which was in full force as always!

Round 7 - Results and Game Review

Hi Colts Family,
Round 7 - Colts U6s played Bondi United U6 (white) - Well we have suffered our 1st Loss for the season..... Bondi United we're to strong and quick for us this week beating us 14 tries to Colts 12 tries. We were just not there this week, we were slow and tired, and we didn't react at all when United had the ball.....

Well I have to write to the NRL for scheduling our team to play on the biggest stage we've ever played Allianz Stadium without any turn around time..... I put down our first loss to this fact alone..... All the boys seemed to enjoy themselves and have some fun especially doing hurdles over the dead ball signs...... We played Bondi United before the main game and Clovelly Crocs during the break at half time..... We easily won both games with all the boys playing well and scoring tries with ease..... The big stage didn't faze the boys, they took it all in their stride and stepped up on the big stage..... I hope all the boys and their family members that attended had fun!!!!!

A special thanks this week goes to Beau and Nixon Clark who both backed after the U5s game to help us out as we had to of our top stars on all night benders.....

Beau was outstanding playing tough and rugged giving his all and getting into everything...... Nixon was amazing showing no fear running the ball like a seasoned U6'er..... Thanks heaps boys we really appreciated your help..... Well Done!!!!!

Billy Walker I heard went back stage with Screaming Jets & Baby Animals after the Roosters Game..... No wonder he didn't turn up on Sunday..... Hope you said Gday to Gleeso and Suzie for Paul and Eben.......

Cash Parry was outstanding in defence showing great skills to bring down the United attack...... Cash is growing with confidence every game, and is starting to believe in his size and strength, Cash made several strong runs scoring 3 great tries. Well done Cash.

Koa Kelk - Was also out all night celebrating the Roosters win....... Happy Birthday for this weekend Koa...... No more all nighters please......

Brock Dalley - Spent most of the game on United's side, at one stage I thought Brock was playing for United...... Brock continued his recent form with several great runs, and scoring his 1st try, earning this weeks Merit Award...... Keep it up Brock, imagine what you could do if you spent more time on our side!!!!!

Leo Lynch - Continued his recent form playing out of his skin for the second week running..... Leo is also growing in confidence with every game, Leo made several impressive runs scoring his first try, and he continued showing us how big his heart is making several great tackles. Well done Leo!!!!!

E.T. - Also kept up his great form scoring 3 great tries this week. Keep up the great work E.T.!!!!!

Odin Goyoaga - Impressed this week with his defence and the cover tackle of the year, with a great diving tackle knocking United's best attacker (a girl) over the sideline with a copybook tackle..... Odin also managed to keep up his try scoring average again scoring 4 tries.....

Tane Goyoaga was out with Bronchiolitis and not allowed to leave the house but was still happy to smash any food on offer.....

Well done again boys. Remember stay off the beer, stay away from girls and no late nights & you'll play much better game day!!!!!! A Huge Thanks again to Beau & Nixon.....

Player of the Match - Leo Lynch Merit Award - Brock Dalley

Don't forget to come along to Koa's 6th Birthday this Saturday at Little Dynamos, 33 Maddox Street Alexandria starting at 12:15hrs

Paul Goyoaga
U6's Coach
Colts Minis Vice President