Colts Under 8's. Match Report and No Game or Training This Week

Hi Colts Family,
Sorry for the lateness of this email but after an emphatic victory by the boys on Sunday, I have only just managed to calm my nerves and put pen to paper so to speak.

Right on cue it started to poor with rain just as we were about to run on. Umbrella space was at a premium and the ground officials tent on halfway was prime real estate.

Right from the opening whistle the boys took it to St Charles who must've ben wondering what these weapons from paddington had been eating. My scoring summary got absolutely drenched so I have lost track of the final score and who our scoreres were. However I do remember Noah scoring his first try in Colts colours which was my highlight of the match! While I can say that everyone played their best game for the season so far and it was by far our best performance for 2018, here are a few notable mentions:

Taylor Rogers and Nicholas Peshos Taylor again proved a handful in defence and attack. In defence he leads the team up off the line and shuts down opposition space which I love to see. Nicholas had an amazing game. Filling the first receiver in the final quarter, he distrubuted the ball well and had some amazing metres. There was one stage where he had 2 or 3 defenders hanging off but continued barging his way upfield! Nicki really played above his weight on Sunday and it was greta to see.

Cary Uy continues to be a damaging runner with ball in hand. Our aim as a team will continue to be to get him ball out wide, in space after the first 2 tackles in a set.

Beaug Garthon is our very own mr Zip Zip man. Only knows one speed which is flat out!

Archie Hoiles Despite being of very good rugby union pedigree, he is continuing to improve each game in rugby league. Made a brilliant run the length of the field on Sunday but sadly lost the ball at the tryline.

Gibson Taku We all know how damaging and sleek Gibson is with ball in hand, his 2 tries are testament to this. But it was his defence that really stepped up a notch on Sunday. I recall one very solid tackle he pulled off on of the St Charles 'big men'. Gibson came off his quickly, shut down the space before the opposition ball carrier could get a run and pulled off an origin-like front on tackle.

Duke Thomas At home his father, aka the author of this report, has him knocking out 50 push ups every morning and it is starting to really pay off. Duke made some strong runs with the ball using his footwork and crossed for a couple of tries.

Noah Zusack As mentioned earlier, scored his first try for the Colts!. A good run out on his favoured right wing, using his speed and leaving would-be defenders in his wake and he was over!

Cooper Mott again played an absolute belter of a game. Super consistent and a great 'team-first' performance! Strong in attack and defence, Cooper could get man of the match at any given week and nobody would argue.

Phoenix Paekau Similar to Cooper as mentioned above, Phoenix puts in a super strong performance each week but his defence is really starting to improve in leaps and bounds!

Billy, Archie Callander and Cody were all absent on Sunday but heaven help our next opposition once we have these boys back!

THIS WEEK Given the long weekend we have a weekend off! Enjoy your sleep in! We will also have a week off from training.

Thats it from me, See you back on the training paddock on Thursday week (14th June)

See you on Sunday

Cheers, Richard Thomas